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40 Cobras a Surefire Way to Get Your Government’s Attention

December 5th, 2011

An angry snake charmer from India named Hakkal had his “99 percent” moment when bureaucrats at the Government Land Registry Office refused to process his land-request application. So Hakkal took matters into his own hands: He dumped three sacks full of 40 venomous snakes, including cobras, into the office. The scene was captured in the video above, and shows government workers shooing away the hissing snakes with fabric as the deadly reptiles slid onto chairs and desks. And miraculously — unlike the OWS protests — no one was bitten! [ via Telegraph]

All those watching this video please remember that the whole bloody country known as india is totally corrupt , almost 98% of the population is corrupt and they are running a sham system known as Indian democracy where politicians pay bribes to people to get elected and believe me it has every day in this god forsaken country – india , most people are shamelessly corrupt and do not mind giving and taking bribes in every day life and corruption is not only prevalent in government service